For Joe Chiofalo, also known as Joey Pajamas, dropping out of collage was easy. Keeping a cover band working in the late 70's wasn't that tough either. But when Joe started recording his original material in his quest for the elusive "record deal", the usual pitfalls ensued. Drummers found god..., bass players found love..., guitar players found Wild Turkey..., and Joe found himself starting from scratch again and again. Finally, after a few more cover bands and a few years of session work, Joe landed the gig playing keyboards for the legendary rockers "the SAINTS". After two records and two tours with them, he started playing the accordion with "Mary Lee's Corvette". This is when he met Stephen Butler, the song-writing guitarist of "Smash Palace" who would soon produce ORANGE & BLACK for ZIP Records.

BALDWIN DRIVE is the band, and ORANGE & BLACK is the new CD. Filled with sweet melodies, heart felt lyrics and the flavors of the Beatles, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, and Steely Dan to name a few.

Baldwin Drive now available on the August 2008 Taste of Triple A Sampler


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